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 Mom Blogs - Blog of a Military Mom

BLOG OF A MILITARY MOM Voodoo love spell casting

Hi. Welcome to my blog!!  I'm Kelly.  I am married to Chris, and we have four amazing children and two awesome children-in-law. Our oldest son, JR, married his high school sweetheart five years ago.  Our eldest daughter, Patricia, married Adam, who she met a few months before we moved to Texas. Adam and JR became great friends and ended up joining the military together.  

Flash forward a few years and Patricia decided that she wanted to join the military as well.  As much as I wanted to scream, NOT MY LITTLE GIRL, I began preparations for another graduation from basic training. We still have two boys at home, both of whom are in training to become military superstars!


Both are in the high school junior ROTC program, and both love to cook.  Raymond is a senior, and will be joining the military service later this year, while Michael, our youngest, is a freshman.  Raymond serves as the Master Chief of the Battalion and Michael is also a Chief.

I serve as a member of Military Moms For Texas.  I help other parents with children joining the service, tell them where to stand for "the run," the best places to eat on base, where not to send your trainee and things like that!! I love it!  Helping other military families is very therapeutic for me, therapy I desperately need with two kids and a son-in-law abroad.  By the same token, having other parents going through what I am is important.  I have a network of people I can call, text, or Facebook and say "here we go boots off the ground" and they always say "I am here for you and your family any time."

Unfortunately, the military doesn't tell us parents very much - that is just not their priority. My blog is one of unity among military parents.  About being there for others in times of causalty, loss, and sometimes, just not knowing.  About how to raise younger children, in the background of this uncertainity.  Enjoy my blog, and please, don't forget to honor and support the young men and women risking their lives for the freedoms we often take for granted.



February 20, 2013 - A Surprise Holiday Gift and My Daughter Patricia's Deployment





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