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 Mom Blogs - Blog of a Single, Working Mother

MARATHON WEEKEND - 40 Hours on 8 Hours of Sleep

I must be crazy. I don’t think any sane person with a two year old would take on volunteering at the Rodeo Run, showing properties, writing an offer, and working a second job. Single moms are accustomed to being weekend warriors, but this was a new level.

Friday began at 6:30 am getting Payton up and dressed and Noodle, walked and fed. Payton was at school and I was at my office by 8:30am for a full day preparing proposals and homes to show. I picked up Payton at 5:45 pm from school and took him directly to the babysitter‘s so I could pick up a shift at Capone’s.

It is difficult to have these days with so little time with him. At the Babysitter’s, Payton sweetly said, “Momma, sit,” patting the seat next to him. My heart melts, I take a seat even if it is for a minute. I hug him and tell him I love him. I tell him about the fun we are going to have volunteering at the Rodeo Run on Saturday. I kiss him and tell him I love him and I will be back soon. He looks at me says “I love you, momma.” I respond, “I love you too!“ As I am walking away, he is waving his little thick hands, “Bye-Bye, Momma.”

The night flew by at Capone’s, My shift was from 6:50pm to 2:00 am and it was 2.40am by the time I picked-up Payton and returned home. 17 working hours out of the 20 hours I had been awake. I was exhausted, my feet were swollen, my hands hurt and my legs were numb. I hope I wake up on time for the Rodeo Run.

Saturday, 6:45 am and the alarm is going off. Everything is hazy. I am looking at the clock, searching for the motivation to get up. Boom! My brain wakes up- “Volunteering at the Rodeo Run.”I pop up, mumbling a few colorful words to myself. I get everything that is needed for the morning.. Poor little tired Payton - he did not want to get up. “Meeep, meeep” he pouts. “Noooo, Momma, Night Night” he whines. “TE TE (blanket), Momma, Night, Night” he continues. I pick him up and go to the living room. I sit on the sofa holding and rocking him, I say “Baby, we’ve got to go and volunteer and play with our friends.” He is protesting, but I get him together and loaded in the car.

Fast forward…by 8:30am we join our group, Team Hoopla, at the cheering section on Allen Parkway by the Harmony walk Tolerance Sculptures and the Rosemount Bridge at Buffalo Bayou Park.

Whoa Horsey! The Trail Riders were riding on Memorial Drive toward downtown. To get a closer look we stood on the Rosemont Bridge and watched them ride toward us. “Wooow!” Payton exclaimed as the Trail Riders passed.

I notice the runners approaching our section, so we mosey on over to our cheering section and claimed one of the Tolerance statues as our camp. Payton and I sat on the Spanish bolder base of the statue and enjoyed snack time. Payton played in the dirt and trains. We cheered on the runners as they passed.

We finished volunteering around 11 am. We stopped and ate lunch and went to show homes to Sophia’s parents in Westbury. Payton and Sophia were having a great time running amuck in the open space. My clients decided to view a home they liked again on Sunday morning and to potentially place an offer. Hooray!!

Now Round two: Capone’s 5:00 pm – 2:00am.

Hannah is babysitting Payton. I take Payton to Hannah’s apartment at 1:45pm. They are going to her nephew’s birthday party. I am working for Hannah so she can attend her nephew’s b-day party. She is watching Payton in exchange for me working her shift. Payton had a blast at the birthday party. He rode a train and a horse and played with the children. Hannah kindly texted me photos.

I wrap up at Capone’s at 2:15 am, driving on 610 to Hannah’s to pick up Payton.

We don’t arrive to our home until 3:15am.Another 20 hour day tackled.

Sunday: We slept in and relaxed. We met with Sophia’s parents for a second showing and they decided to submit an offer. Payton and I had a nice dinner together and went to bed at 8:00 pm. “Phewww, I am wiped out.” All this starts over on Monday.


I miss Payton all the time. I remind myself that this crazy pace is only temporary. I try to incorporate quality experiences during our free time together. We live in the city with many great parks and free or low cost things to do. Heck, people watching is a sport around here.

I stay focused on my long term goals and I don’t fret over things I cannot change. This is only a stepping stone.

I don’t get caught up negative thoughts because negative thoughts can destroy my motivation. I will think of everything I am grateful for in life. Attitude of gratitude…that is what keeps me going.


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